What People Are Saying:

My new resume is awesome! Recruiters started calling me 30 minutes after I posted it on job boards. Thank you, Cynthia Hanson and Write Now Resume!

–Elaine, audit manager, Milford, Connecticut

Cynthia Hanson is an exceptionally talented resume writer who leaned into our work together with business savvy, strategic expertise and consistent execution. I highly recommend her as a first-rate partner!

–Ginna, HR leader and organizational development consultant, Boston, Massachusetts

Write Now Resume is the best! Cynthia Hanson has updated my resume many times over the past decade. The resume Cynthia prepared helped me get six interviews, two job offers—and a great new position, with an increase in earnings by 40 percent. I’ve referred many colleagues to Cynthia, and they’re extremely satisfied with their new resumes and her interview coaching!”

–– Lisa, consulting director for a professional social media firm, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Working with Cynthia Hanson on my new resume and executive bio has been a positive experience like no other! I would rate both documents a 10+! The content is right on, and the design fits me perfectly. Cynthia crafted a crisp resume and bio that clearly define my brand and differentiate me from competitors in the marketplace. I am extremely proud to have these two powerful personal marketing documents and highly recommend Write Now Resume.”

–– Terry, Chief Information Officer, Atlanta, Georgia

“When I retired after 30 years in the public sector, Cynthia Hanson improved my resume in ways I never imagined! She made it dynamic and impactful, and it resulted in four job offers even before I left my previous position. Do yourself a favor and let Write Now Resume help you, too. You won’t regret it.”

–– Dennis, CEO of a consulting firm, Southeastern, Virginia

“I’m glad I hired Write Now Resume after I got laid-off. I’ve worked in a variety of industries, and I wasn’t sure what experience, skills and accomplishments to emphasize. But Cynthia Hanson immediately knew how to pull it all together. My new resume got me an interview and a job!

–– Vicki, corporate trainer, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

“Cynthia Hanson is an expert at resume development! She vastly improved my resume, by changing the content and format. From her questions, Cynthia gleaned my most significant experiences and accomplishments; she presented the information concisely and effectively. My new resume has helped me get many interviews and led to my new job. I recommend Cynthia Hanson and Write Now Resume without hesitation!”

–– Robert, Chief Financial Officer, Cleveland, Ohio

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cynthia Hanson. By taking time to understand me both as a person and healthcare executive, Cynthia effectively captured my education, experience and success on paper and ensured that my resume demonstrated more clear, concise and measurable accomplishments. Cynthia is creative without being too abstract; she is a consummate professional who is focused on her clients’ success.”

–– Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Hiring Cynthia Hanson to write my resume was money well-spent! I needed a new resume to apply for a promotion, but I didn’t know how to sell myself on paper. I got the promotion thanks to the resume Cynthia wrote for me and the confidence I gained from her intensive interview. Hire Cynthia to write your resume. You’ll be happy you did!

–– Mary, director of physician outreach, Norristown, Pennsylvania

“Cynthia Hanson presented my resume in the form of a coherent story, with all aspects of my career being very well-aligned. I would describe my overall experience of working with her as simply ‘the best!’. She is energetic, meticulous and fun to work with.”

–– Donna, management consultant, Houston, Texas

Cynthia Hanson made me look great on paper. Her talents and level of experience are obvious, but equally impressive, she makes her clients feel that their resume is the most important business of the day!”

–– Douglas, vice president of marketing and government affairs, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Write Now Resume was the right service for me! Cynthia Hanson really focused me on looking at my resume from the potential employer’s perspective. She pushed me to provide specific, objective, measurable achievements rather than just my job responsibilities. I was impressed with Cynthia’s enthusiasm and passion for what she does, along with her eye for detail and professionalism.”

–– Andrew, director of finance and operations, St. Louis, Missouri

If you want a resume that’s a perfect “10,” hire Cynthia Hanson to write it for you! Her in-depth interview process helped me clarify my goals, strengths and accomplishments; she expertly pulled together all the information to present a clear and compelling reflection of my career history.”

–– Pamela, Chief Financial Officer, Forked River, New Jersey

“Cynthia Hanson helped me create an eye-catching, compelling resume through a combination of traits I hadn’t previously encountered in a resume consultant. She’s patently skilled with language, structure, and convention, but her creativity–both stylistically and visually–set her apart, as did her capacity to craft my background into a coherent story that appeals to recruiters, who’ve described my new resume as ‘sharp’ and ‘distinctive.'”

–– Larry, senior physician executive, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Cynthia Hanson writes resumes with the precision and helpfulness of a highly rated surgeon wielding a medical laser. You may not realize you need her help in order to have a great resume. But you do. As I learned during my job search, a resume by Cynthia will get you hired. The employment coach I worked with was floored by Cynthia’s skills, too!”

–– Jacob, development director for non-profits, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Cynthia Hanson’s results-oriented resume-writing is superb! She transformed my resume from a general description of my employment history into a high-impact narrative targeted for my current position. Cynthia is a quick study; she is thorough in her line of questioning; and her upbeat attitude makes her an ally for people in career transition.”

–– Steve, transactional lawyer and Chief Operating Officer of a hedge fund, New York and Hong Kong

“Cynthia Hanson writes awesome resumes! The one she prepared for me was spot on for a great position that I was being recruited for, and it gave me the confidence I needed to go through the interview process. I landed the job—and a big salary increase! Write Now Resume is for anyone who wants to stand out!”

–– Dee, sales professional, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania

“Cynthia Hanson’s excellence in resume writing is unmatched, and her professionalism is second to none! When I needed to update my resume after 16 years, she changed the format and highlighted my strengths and accomplishments. I immediately got calls from potential employers, and I received two job offers—both promotions over the position I’d previously held.Cynthia’s interview coaching is excellent, too! I strongly recommend Write Now Resume. With Cynthia’s help, you are virtually guaranteed an interview.”

–– Joe, director of sales, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

“Cynthia Hanson is personable in her interaction with clients, yet she is also very direct in her interviewing style, allowing her to obtain the best information to showcase on a resume. She’s equally passionate about presenting the material in a unique way.The resume she developed for me stands out and gets noticed!

–– Sherry, senior healthcare executive, Queen City, Texas